A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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For me, summer is a strange blend of joyfulness and agony. Joy comes from the extra time I can spend with my three young sons; Agony comes from the slower rate of musical improvement. My selfish side has no patience for forced procrastination. Homelife with three boys under 5 is never boring of course. It is a maelstrom in a tornado… and interminable vortex of activity pulling and pulling me away from the piano and my musical goals. I am simultaneously overwhelmed with love for my family and frustrated at the constant non-musical work. I’m sure many of you relate to this as it applies to your own work. I mentioned this frustration to my mother and she laughed. “That’s called ‘being a parent’” she wisely said.

But I realize that this blend of emotions is beautiful and necessary; opposite poles on a sphere that cannot exist otherwise. A better metaphor would be the constant, smooth, calculated motion of the opposite ends of a high-wire artist’s balance stick. And these emotions fuse, or balance each other out, when I hear my sons playing with the piano, giggling when it accidentally sounds nice. In those moments I realize that it is their development, not mine, which matters now. And then I push them off the piano bench and play as much as I can before all three of them attack me…

I miss all of you already.
Your music director,