A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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My favorite Church services are the Intergenerational ones in which all the Choirs participate. It is so much fun seeing people of all ages working together to create a beautiful musical community. From the very young Carol Choir members to the very less young Senior Choir and Bell Choir members, everyone has one thing in common… love of music. As always, I am so proud of our youth choirs. They did a wonderful job on February 11th. I’m really looking forward to Easter which will be a music extravaganza with everyone participating. And May 6th, “Music Appreciation Sunday”, will also be a music-fest. But every Sunday is beautiful.

Another fun part of my job is working with choirs who will willingly (mostly) perform pieces I compose. I dedicated my Bell Choir piece “Meditation” to The Meetinghouse Ringers and they performed it very well on the 25th. I also recently finished a chorale lament around gun violence which Senior Choir will be performing at the Tenebrae Service on Thursday, March 29th, in the evening. It is gratifying to hear talented, cool people play music so close to my heart.

First Parish is a musical and spiritual oasis. It is the antidote for the stresses and fears of living in a world which sometimes seems so cold and violent. As a parent of young children, I am grateful to know so many people who have real values; people for whom the seven principles are meaningful guides. It relieves some of the anxiety of daily life to know that there are many good people around. It gives me hope for humanity. I know there are billions of good people on this planet, but it’s easy to forget some days. I appreciate the reminder each Sunday that humanity is good… and that music matters.

Your Music Director,