A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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It seems like time speeds up after the holiday season; a blink of the eye and it’s February. And the sleep deprivation of parenthood makes things all the more blurry. My twins are turning four in a few months and the baby is one. I cherish my time with them but I am grateful to at least have calm and peace for an hour each week at Church. Although preparing music throughout the week is pure pleasure, I’m always looking forward to Sunday. The meditative elements of the service each week are the only times I actually feel like a conscious entity. The rest of the week is spent merely reacting to an endless barrage of tasks and stresses. You know how it is. That moment when Ellen brings us to a quiet state and you realize you haven't relaxed your mind for a week, since the last service, and you suddenly feel much better. Or when a really good chalice lighting takes you out of your own thoughts for a moment. Or when a reading hits home and you get carried to another mental space. Or when the choir is really feeling the anthem they are singing and you're swept away by the music. I feel lucky to have this time and place to reset each week. And it’s so beautiful that we do this in community, honestly and without overly elaborate ritual or dogma; just real people, together in our quest for spiritual understanding and peace. Nobody pretending to know the unknowable, and everyone totally accepting the spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs of everyone else. For me personally it’s a perfect fit, philosophically and musically.

Thank you to everyone involved in the talent show. It was a great U.U. family event and a lot of fun. There is a lot of talent at First Parish and everyone is so cool. One of the many high points of the evening was hearing the audience singing the chorus to Alleluia. It was impromptu and totally natural, I love that.

Save the date, Saturday March 3rd. We are having a concert at 3:00pm that day, earlier than previous concerts so people with night-driving issues can make it. The Tervo family and their ensembles are playing. Jessica Gist Volk will be joining them. I will be playing also. There will be Telemann, Beethoven, Grieg and maybe some Jazz standards. We are donating the proceeds to the Malala Fund, a non-profit dedicated to women’s rights and education.

And, as usual, thank you to all the choirs. Your hard work is appreciated.

your music director,