A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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I just want to thank everyone for an amazing Christmas Eve. Every choir really stepped up and helped to create beautiful services. I had so much fun. It was a life-affirming and emotionally rejuvenating experience. I feel like our community is so spiritually honest. We can celebrate Christ’s incredible love and the wonders of the universe without having to shut off our sense of reality or resort to dogma. Truth matters here, and that means everything.

One truth is becoming poignantly clear these days. Unitarian Universalism, and our seven principles, are among the last bastions of Jesus’ actual teachings. What does this have to do with music? Well, music calms that fear which otherwise can lead to hate; music brings all types of people together; music doesn’t favor the rich; music can help to generate love and facilitate compassion; music can help us jettison our own feelings of darkness and anger; and music humbles us with its seemingly infinite variety. Music is itself the rhetoric of love and togetherness. Yes it can be misused, but most music comes from a place of benevolent inspiration. I think this is perhaps why U.U. Churches use more music than many other spiritual institutions. Our intentions are love-based. And, though music might not cure the world, it can certainly help to maintain our spiritual health. I know that making music with all of you each week helps keep me healthy. I hope the effect is reciprocal.

So often at First Parish I look around and am moved by the palpable goodness of the people here. Nowhere else have I been treated with such kindness. I have to assume we all feel that our hearts are nourished at First Parish. I could really feel it on Christmas Eve, as we celebrated the birth of one of the most liberal and generous teachers of all time. One of our own. I feel like we did it right. We have a really good thing going, and I look forward to seeing and hearing you all every Sunday.

your music director,