First, on a personal note... It is great to be back with my First Parish family. I thoroughly appreciated the weeks of paternity leave, but I am grateful to return to music making. Thank you all for the well-wishes and kindness. Thank you to those who helped out during my absence. My family is doing well and my twins are adjusting to having a new baby brother. Life is good - and very loud.
Looking ahead into February, we have some special music planned. In the February 12th Intergen service, I plan on having Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Choirs working together. It will be a fun service. Also on the 12th, Ellen, Justine, and I will be working together for the evening service. There will be much singing. Save the date March 25th. We will having the second concert of our First Parish Concert Series season 2. The Tervos and friends will be performing. I will be there as well. More info on this later. As always, feel free to contact me anytime. I enjoy hearing from all of you.
Steve February 2016