July 2017 Music Notes

I just want to thank everyone for another amazing year. I am already looking forward to next year, and Iwill miss all of you over the summer. A special note of thanks to all the choirs and parents. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of you this year and I appreciate all your efforts. I also want to thank the choirs for the awesome gift certificates you guys gave to me on Music Appreciation Sunday. (To two of my favorite vegan restaurants!) My wife Meghan thanks you as well.

I feel so lucky. Yes, I cherish all the musical aspects of my job at First Parish, but it's more than that. The work feels important because of you. Music in the context of this beloved community is so much more than just notes and rhythm and phrasing. It becomes meaningful and relevant by our intentions and purposes. Our Church is so important. This has become even more clear this year. We have a culture of thoughtfulness and intellectual honesty here at First Parish. We have love, compassion and empathy. We have curiosity and integrity. Knowing I'm working for something I can truly believe in makes me passionate about my job. I love First Parish and I know you do too.

See you in September….

Your Music Director,


June 2017 Music Notes

We have a really good thing going here..

I recently bumped into one of my colleagues who happens to be a Music Director at a local Church (which shall remain unnamed). After catching up for a while, we started talking about our respective Churches. Well it wasn't long before I was reminded just how good I have it, and how lucky I am to be part of First Parish. My colleague grumbled about the lack of participation in the music program at her Church, and the lack of singers she had access to for her choir. I found it very difficult not to brag about the music program at First Parish and all the wonderful voices I get to work with. I wanted to sing the praises of the many volunteers who drive the music program at First Parish. I wanted to wax poetic about my beloved Music Committee and all the choirs, and the Meetinghouse Ringers. I wanted to speak about the joys of working with a Minister who loves and appreciates music, and for a congregation who uses music as a vital part of spiritual life. In my conversation with my colleague, I did my best to not gloat too much about my good fortune. After all, I merely inherited a great music program at a Church full of people who love music, many who have music talents they share joyfully. It was hard to hide my enthusiasm though.

May was a great month. Many thanks to the Tervo’s and friends for putting on a fantastic concert on May 20th. It was quite an impressive line up of players and repertoire. Thank you to Music Committee volunteers for putting together the reception.

 I look forward to the rest of the year. Though I cherish every service at First Parish, I am especially excited about Music Appreciation Sunday on June 11th. All choirs will be participating and it will be a lot of fun. And of course, Justine’s ordination at First Parish Northborough later that day will be beautiful. I just wish we didn’t have to say goodbye to Justine. She is so loved, and I know she loves all of you.

 We have a really good thing going here…

Your Music Director,


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