Pre-Newsletter Announcements

From the Worship Committee

We invite you to sign up on the sheet posted in the vestry to light the chalice at the beginning of a morning service.  Before lighting the chalice, the chalice lighter shares a 2-3 minute reflection such as a poem, a reading or a personal meditation or story that bears witness to his or her individual Unitarian Universalist values and/or faith.  A chalice lighting should offer an invitation to worship and a way to draw everyone together with a common focal point, with words of hope, welcome, and inspiration, or, if addressing a difficult topic, with truth spoken in love.  If you need inspiration or help, Rev. Ellen has many resources for readings and chalice lightings. We on the Worship Committee thank you for participating in this important ritual in our congregation! 

From The Council of Faith in Action Ministries 

We will be meeting this Sunday (8/26) at 7:30. Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested in social action at First Parish. Come and see what our committees are planning for the year. Some of the new things we have planned so far are continuing our "Share the Plate" initiative (we'll be choosing our next few charities) and selling Fair trade coffee and chocolate in Social Hour.

If you'd like to hear what we are planning, or if you have some ideas, come to the meeting and join the conversation. If you can't make the meeting, but would like to keep up with Social Action events at First Parish, join the social action email list:

Open Pantry Reminder 

Open Pantry donations will be gratefully accepted on Sept. 9th, but please remember that the “new norm” will be the FIRST Sunday of each month with the exception of November, when we will collect on both November 4th (1st Sunday) AND Ingathering Sunday (November 18).Mark your calendars now :)  Thank you!