Chair: Suzanne Wilson

What is the Caring Connection?

It is all of us. Together we form a network of Parishioners who reach out to one another in times of need. The Caring Connection keeps in touch with parishioners through visits or by phone, providing transportation, sending written greetings, offering a meal in times of crisis or illness, or helping with other needs as they arise.

How can I receive help?

There are three ways to tell us of a need.  If you need assistance for yourself or another parishioner, talk to the minister, call the office, or talk to any Caring Connection member

What do the volunteers do?

Our services are determined case by case. However, the following two are the most frequently offered.


The focus of this activity is written communication. Caring messages are sent to parishioners during periods of transition, and birthday cards are sent to older members.


We coordinate volunteers to provide meals for parishioners with serious illness or crisis.

How can I offer help?

Our caring outreach works because of the efforts of many people. Additional volunteers are always needed to help with the Caring Connection functions. There are opportunities for brief one-time jobs as well as more involved roles. A list of volunteers is maintained and when a need arises, this list is used to locate someone who can provide the necessary assistance.  Donations of birthday, sympathy, get well, and blank cards are always welcome.