Senior Choir

Senior Choir, for High Schoolers and up, is one of the church’s longest-running small group ministries. If you like to sing in a group, try us on for size. We rehearse on Thursdays from 7:30-9:00 PM, and warm-up for church at 10:15 on Sundays. Music reading, while helpful, is not required. We really are a fun group. If you have any questions about choir, please ask Music Director Cyndi Bliss or any choir member.

Intermediate Choir

The Intermediate Choir is open to all high school aged girls (and boys with unchanged voices – boys whose voice has changed sing in the senior choir), and to Junior Choir members in 7th and 8th grade who have at least 1 year experience singing in the Junior Choir. 7th and 8th grade Intermediate Choir members must also participate in the Junior Choir.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir welcomes ALL children in grades 3 through 8. You do NOT need to know how to read music, or have any prior singing experience. Rehearsals are be after church – 12:15-1:00 PM. Second graders who have sung in the Carol Choir, who can read both music and English well, and who can participate fully in a 45 minute rehearsal may be invited to join the Junior Choir (please contact Music Director Cyndi Bliss if you believe your 2nd grader fulfills these prerequisites).

Carol Choir

Carol Choir is for our youngest singers – age 3 through 2nd grade. Rehearsals for our Intergenerational Thanksgiving service and Christmas Eve begin after the Columbus Day holiday weekend.

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